Securing America’s Automotive Heritage

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It wasn’t long ago that cars were a much bigger part of American life. For most, they were the first taste of freedom that opened the doors – and the world – to endless possibilities. Cruising down the main drag or backroads for Sunday family adventures was part of life. Now, cruising with friends has been replaced by a virtual world seen from a screen.

We believe that cars connect us to the best things in life and that America’s love affair with the automobile should not only be recognized as part of our history, but of our future. Knowing others believe the same, we saw an opportunity for like-minded organizations to work together and, in 2016, established America’s Automotive Trust to do just that.

Together with our partners and member organizations of LeMay – America’s Car Museum, the RPM Foundation, Club Auto and the Concours Club, we fulfill our purpose to honor the past, celebrate the present, and drive the future of car culture. Learn more about the entities that are a part of America’s Automotive Trust.

Education is at the heart of everything we do, and driving is at our core – from the classroom to the open road.

Much of modern-day American culture has been built on the means of transportation, and the future of mobility is as crucial now as it has ever been. Our automotive heritage should be secured for future generations – a mission that can only truly be accomplished by working together.  Through America’s Automotive Trust, we share resources and support each other, streamlining efforts to make a greater impact.

It’s the love of everything automotive. The feel of the wind in your hair, or a wrench in your hand. The adrenaline of stepping on the accelerator, and the thrill of the journey rather than the destination. It’s the determination and satisfaction of fixing something, and having a community to enjoy it with.

We believe in not only preserving the passion for cars, but also being sure it continues to thrive. That’s why America’s Automotive Trust exists.

Preserving America’s Car Heritage

We want to be at the center of the movement to secure America’s automotive heritage and to promote the continued enjoyment of the automobile.

Automobiles revolutionized transportation and everyday life in America. The car symbolized freedom, choice and adventure.

America’s Automotive Trust sees an important opportunity to ensure that America’s automotive legacy is celebrated and that vintage, and modern, collectible vehicles will be driven and enjoyed for generations to come.

Look Under the Hood

America’s Automotive Trust is an IRS-qualified 501C3, not-for-profit corporation with a mission to secure America’s automotive heritage. View Annual Reports.

America’s Automotive Trust will have a self-perpetuating Board of Trustees with representation from all entities associated. In addition, the Trust Endowment creates distinct funds for entities within the Trust and has oversight by the Trusts’ board.

Why America's car heritage needs to be preserved

America’s Automotive Trust and its entities rely on the generosity of our donors to serve the community and secure America’s automotive heritage through our programs. Join the movement, help us secure America’s automotive heritage, and make your tax-deductible gift today.

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Ensuring America’s Automotive History is Preserved

1965 Lotus F2There are many factors that show America’s automotive history is at risk:

  • Our education system emphasizes college-prep and focuses less on the applied arts, crafts and trades. Meaning less young adults are entering the workforce in the areas of restoration and preservation of vintage vehicles, including motorcycles, boats and planes.
  • Car services are becoming more popular and are competing with traditional car ownership.
  • Technological advances have made modern cars more reliable and longer lasting – reducing the need for local repair shops. Hyper-sophisticated safety and environmental requirements make it difficult for a local mechanic to maintain or repair vehicles.
  • Government sponsored museums are dedicated to art, technology, history, air and space, but there is no Smithsonian for the automobile. Many traditional car museums have a limited purpose beyond showcasing the collections of its founders. They’re often static in nature, have limited cultural reference and unfortunately, often collapse with the death of their founders with collections sold and dispersed.