Cars aren’t just a guy thing. We’re ensuring that girls and women aren’t relegated to the proverbial backseat and looking out for the next generation of women drivers, technicians, collectors, and enthusiasts. Our Women Driving Change programs are designed to not only promote diversity, but to welcome young women into the automotive world and inspire them to jump in the driver’s seat on a path to a rewarding career, lifestyle and community.

Connect with women consumers, who make the bulk of the purchasing decisions for their families.

Ensure that a new generation is ready to step into place as collectors, caretakers, and drivers of the classic cars you love.

Be a champion for inclusion, sending the message that girls can love and enjoy cars.

Inspire a generation of girls who like to work with their hands to break from old stereotypes and follow their dreams.

Foster life-long mentorships and friendships that are rewarding to all involved.


Through advertising, social media and storytelling, we’re proactively including imagery and stories that include successful women in automotive, so girls can see themselves following in their footsteps.


Women are owning and inheriting car collections at record pace, and want more networking opportunities to share knowledge, build camaraderie and connections.


We’re ensuring women’s voices are included throughout the car community and workforce through our Women Driving Change speakers bureau, leadership council and membership.


Our goal to preserve and evolve car culture, community and careers begins by proactively working with event organizers, fellow museums, tech schools and employer to design environments, events and workplaces that appeal to and retain women by ensuring all feel welcomed, included and supported.


We’re connecting young women to the pioneers who blazed the trail before them through internships, apprenticeships and mentoring.


LeMay – America’s Car Museum is one of the world’s foremost automotive museums, and your donation will help us create more exhibits celebrating women innovators.